Accelerating Innovation.

Unlocking Ideas.

Elevating Creativity.

The Intelligent Brief™ is a bespoke AI solution designed to accelerate Innovation and elevate Creativity, to enable individuals and businesses to be more creative, more distinctive and more relevant, to unlock ideas and deliver new concepts & campaigns to market quicker.

By harnessing the power of AI and Human Creativity we can accelerate traditional creative processes and solve key strategic business challenges.

One Solution. Multiple Uses.

Infinite Opportunities.

From pure idea generation & creative exploration, to exploring opportunity areas, trends, personality & tone of voice, amplifying comms messaging and more, using The Intelligent Briefhelps teams execute strategic objectives by using machine learning to analyse more data in a shorter space of time to arrive at a better brief, in turn achieving a greater chance of success and increased speed to market.



We help strategists identify strategic opportunities, procurement teams define agency briefs, marketers explore new habits & trends and researchers deepen their conversations with consumers 



We support insight specialists in driving action from insight, innovation teams wanting to generate new ideas or develop new concepts at pace and consultants to run better workshops



We allow creatives to spend more time being creative, copywriters to gain inspiration to write better copy and brand marketers to deliver exciting new campaigns

Solving a Creative Dilemma

We live in a world where access to technology is ubiquitous, attention is short, there's a lack of trust and our needs are changing almost by the day but too often the way ideas are generated is complex and time consuming; creative approaches are not data driven and the thinking is left to human capacity and prejudice.  

The Intelligent Brief™ was developed in response to this creativity dilemma faced by both agencies and brands.

Augmenting Strategic Creativity

Our transparent, subscription based pricing and process supports different business units in different ways, helping teams solve a variety of strategic & creative challenges.

By using The Intelligent Brief™  teams have access to a bespoke cloud based user interface to search & explore words, generate imagery and produce a continued source of material to drive action and deliver the required outputs.