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The Wall of Ideas

We believe the way that ideas are generated is slow, complex and in need of revolutionising

By harnessing the power of AI, we're creating the perfect conditions for ideation, innovation and creativity

Our platform allows individuals and businesses to be more creative, more distinctive and more relevant, to explore language, words and imagery and deliver new ideas, concepts & campaigns to market quicker 

Digital Animator

Introducing the The Intelligent Brief™

An AI powered tool for creative inspiration, which can be effortlessly incorporated into any innovator, storyteller or creative’s ideation toolkit




We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to rapidly analyse and pattern match vast amounts of data allowing users to explore the unknown, unlock ideas & arrive at an intelligent (creative) brief that achieves a faster route to success




From pure idea generation and creative exploration to focused crafting of opportunity areas, users can explore trends, personality and tone of voice, comms messaging and more


​​“Amazingly fast and impactful. An exciting new way to explore creative ideas”

Innovation Marketing Manager

Accelerating Innovation. 

Unlocking Ideas.

Elevating Creativity.


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