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Data Privacy Policy

We can assure you that we understand your personal data is private to you so we want to offer you 5 key assurances:

  • The legal basis for us processing any data is under legitimate interest. We only store and use ‘work specific’ details (such as an email address) which we use for our own direct marketing purposes (e.g. a monthly newsletter). We don’t supply your details to any 3rd parties or associated companies unless you ask us to

  • We only create content which we believe will add value or in the very least be relevant to you/your work and we do so in standard working hours

  • If you find yourself on our newsletter, you can opt out at any time by unsubscribing from our newsletter, emailing 

  • Our privacy policy is line with the proposed Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications act/GDPR

Content Policy

We believe that we create interesting, relevant marketing related content on subjects including AI, Creativity and innovation. Our content is made for and sent to people that are currently/have been previously/are considering becoming an Intelligent Brief customer or that we’ve met at an event or a conference and would be interested in hearing what we have to say. 


In some circumstances, your details may have found its way to us from sources such as LinkedIn because you work in a position whereby you  we believe you'd find value in what we do and we want to show how good we are

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