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Q) What is Intelligent Brief?


The intelligent Brief is a creative inspiration & productivity tool that helps organisations and individuals focus on crafting outstanding creative ideas by cutting ideation time, inspiring creative thinking and keeping teams aligned


We’ve done the heavy lifting of ‘research’ phase so you can focus on maximising the quality of creative outputs.  


Just think  of us as your friendly robot researcher, wordsmith and image curator all in one. (Jonny Five anyone?)


Q) How do I log on to the platform?


We’ve made as easy and possible. So we don’t want to hassle you with passwords so all you need is a google email account or a LinkedIn account and you’re in.


Q) How do I use the platform?


Once logged in enter a word or term you want to search for, set your parameters (age, geographical region, and industry and how far out you want to the result to be) and explore the associated words and image results. Once you have found ones you like you can either save them to a clip board to export or create a in app google document.


If you want to understand more you can watch this quick demo


Q) Can I change the initial search parameters?


Yes. All you have to do hit reset in the top corner and choose the new search.


Q) How does TIB differ from standard image libraries like Getty or Shutterstock?


The aim of our platform is to provide you with creative inspiration and broaden the starting point for creativity. Our literal /lateral sliding scale means that you can decide how literal or lateral you want the word and image results rather than get served with what you’d expect.


Q) Are there any case studies I can see to better understand how to use the platform?


Yes. Head over to our You tube channel for inspiration


Q) What data do you analyse and how does it work?

Here’s the simple explanation.


Our data is publicly available and has been model using a machine learning technique called Natural Language Processing or NLP for short.


Using NLP we can rapidly distil, analyse and organise the data in different way. We have initially chosen general categories including age, region and industry but will be constantly updating and adding based on use feedback.


For a more detailed explanation please contact


Q) Can I add my own data?


Yes on an ad-hoc basis and it will cost you a bit of money. If you want us to run a bespoke data search please contact James to discuss your requirements.


Q) Can I plug it in to my current workflow tool?


Not yet but if that’s something you like us to look into, please let us know.


Q) How is the data stored?


As we are in MVP stage we are currently hosting our data on internal servers. Images are sourced from  publically available sources connecting using an API


Q) How do you use my data?


We only use cookies better understand the experience and analyse traffic patterns. We will never give your details to third parties however we would love to you to help us to develop the Intelligent Brief as a platform so from time to time as one of our early users we’ll get in contact to seek your feedback.


We hope that’s ok.


For more information on our data, GDPR and privacy policies click here


Q) What about the impact on the environment?


We are acutely aware of the impact of technology on our planet’s resources and as such look to ensure we use technology for good and make business decisions and actions based on sustainable impact as much as money. This includes how we store our data.


Q) Will The Intelligent Brief always be free?


Good question. Our platform has been developed to make createch accessible to all so any future developments will bear this in mind. We plan launch a subscription service, but we don’t know what this looks like yet and no matter what there will always be a free version for you to use.


Q) What if I have more feedback?


For further feedback good or bad or if we've missed anything please contact James on We are passionate about building a community and truly value your support.

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